Happy Mothers’ Day 2023

We have reached the Fourth Sunday of Lent, a day when we look in anticipation towards the hope of Easter. We see this in the lightening of the sacred vestments to Rose and in the use of the organ, the role of which has been all but eliminated through Lent thus far.

We also know this Sunday as Mothering Sunday. Indeed, the sacred chant of the Mass reflects the joy with which Holy Mother Church anticipates the reception of the catechumens into Her bosom at Easter. Not only is the station church of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme alluded to in the Introit chant (Rejoice O Jerusalem) but the music of the word ‘Laetare’ mimics the notes of the thrice repeated Easter Alleluia!

As all paternity is named after God the Father, we see in the perfect life-giving care of Holy Mother Church a macrocosm of the role of our own mother’s. The patient love, guidance and nourishment offered through the daily service of a mother to her children is a beautiful reflection of the spiritual life given to us by the Church through the sacraments and the deposit of faith.

How could we reflect on maternity without looking to the model- the Blessed Mother Herself, Mother of Christ in the incarnation, Mother of all Christians as members of the Mystical Body.

As a tribute to all mothers, Cantores Matris Dei implores the intercession of our patron, Mary Mother of God for all who express maternal care and for a renewed appreciation of the dignity of maternity as the vocation of all women, a great grace bestowed by our loving Heavenly Father.

Here is a recording of our director, Fraser Pearce, singing Schubert’s Ave Maria accompanied by Alan Kitchen at the organ.

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